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That's me (on the right) with a member of the Blue Man Group, in Las Vegas

Here are some pictures. I'll be adding more in the next few days...
pix of Christmas with my lovely cousin, Nancy, and her family...
pix of my neighborhood in Kaneohe...pix I've taken in the Arctic Ocean...
and others as time permits.

Aloha, BC

Advantage Store Inside.JPG
Advantage Store Inside
Advantage Store Outside.JPG
Advantage Store Outside
Barry & Friend Las Vegas 2001.jpg
Barry & Friend Las Vegas 2001
Barry & Skating Friend Las Vegas 2001.jpg
Barry & Skating Friend Las Vegas 2001
BlueMan Group Painting.JPG
BlueMan Group Painting
David & Barry & Friend Las Vegas 2001.jpg
David & Barry & Friend Las Vegas 2001
Friends at Quarks Bar Las Vegas 2001.jpg
Friends at Quarks Bar Las Vegas 2001
Las Vegas Eiffel Tower.jpg
Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
Luxor Resort Las Vegas.jpg
Luxor Resort Las Vegas
Mom Summer 2000.JPG
Mom Summer 2000
Natasha & Barry Space Needle 2000.jpg
Natasha & Barry Space Needle 2000
Natasha & Friend Seattle 2000.JPG
Natasha & Friend Seattle 2000
Natasha & Hula Dancer 2000.JPG
Natasha & Hula Dancer 2000
Natasha & Smoking Dessert Seattle 2000.jpg
Natasha & Smoking Dessert Seattle 2000
Natasha & Starfish Seattle 2000.JPG
Natasha & Starfish Seattle 2000
Natasha Summer 2000.JPG
Natasha Summer 2000
Octopus in aquarium.JPG
Octopus in aquarium
Seattle Fish Market 2000.JPG
Seattle Fish Market 2000
Seattle Space Needle Fall 2000.jpg
Seattle Space Needle Fall 2000
Venetian Resort Las Vegas.jpg
Venetian Resort Las Vegas

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