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Crocodile Hunter "talking" doll...available here

These are links to some of my favorite sites...

Steve Irwin (pictured above, sort of) is the Crocodile Hunter ("my hero"), seen every week on Discovery's Animal Planet channel. Here is the link to The Crocodile Hunter's Official Website

I work at the Navy's Arctic Submarine Laboratory. Here is a link to the ASL's Official Website.

Here are some interesting Astronomy links:
- Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
- Antonio Cidadao's HomePage of Astrophotography
- How to buy a telescope
- A multimedia tour of our solar system

SETI is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. SETI uses radiotelescopes worldwide to search for, well, extraterrestrial intelligence, I guess. Anyway, several years ago the SETI people realized that, although they were gathering massive amounts of data, they would never have the computer time to analyze it all. So they dreamed up SETI-at-Home. Participants, like me and about 3 million others, load an analysis program onto their home computers that analyzes SETI data when they are not using their computer. SETI-at-Home runs like a screensaver, activating when your normal screensaver would activate. The program contacts the internet to receive data and to send results of its analysis. If you'd like to participate or just find out more about SETI-at-Home go to their homepage.

Here are some good computer-related links:
- Gibson Research Corp
- Fred Langa Homepage
- PC911 - Friendly Expert Computer Help in Plain English

Ever wonder how stuff works. Well, just visit HowStuffWorks to find out!

Fred Langa's E-mail Newsletter is the best...


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